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Standard Dairy Goats, Miniature Dairy Goats, Pygoras, Pygmies

Check out our wide variety of goats here at Animal Cracker Farm.  Be sure to check out our For Sale area and all the baby photos!


Standard Dairy Goats


We love our large size girls.  They have wonderful milk and are great mothers.  We breed them for mini babies.   *** MORE INFO COMING ***

Miniature Dairy Goats


These smaller sized goats are perfect for a small farm, urban farm, or families with children.  They are the perfect size and produce almost milk as their larger counterparts in the Standard Dairy breeds. 










Pygoras and Pygmies- our treasured pets


These goats were our first loves.  Pygmies are so spunky and loving. Pygoras are so elegant and personable.  We love the pygora fiber and just could spend forever petting them-- their cashmere fleece is amazing.

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